The Talbott range of automated systems incorporate some of the most advanced control techniques to ensure the clean and smoke free utilisation of a variety of waste wood or biomass fuels.  There are two ranges available, the Talbott T range and the Talbott C range.  The T range units produce hot air for factory space heating up to 300kWt whilst the C range units are available as hot air or hot water versions with higher capacity outputs.  Both ranges can utilise wood chippings, hardwood, softwood, MDF or chipboard.  They are exempt appliances under the Clean Air Act for use within smoke control areas or meet Environmental Permitting or EPA requirements.  The C range Hot Water versions are eligible for the Governments renewable heat incentive scheme.

The Talbott automated series of units are amongst the most popular in the industry and are as a result of decades of research and development. 

 The Talbott T range of automatic wood waste heatersT range automatic installed

 The Talbott C range of automatic wood waste heaters

 Talbott C range of automatic heaters

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