British Manufacturers and their broad product range   (12-09-2017)

The Talbott brand has been established since the mid-seventies where they have been manufacturing a broad range of heating systems designed for using wood waste.  Their original manual fed, air heating units the 'Talbott T range' are still the most popular today. 

They are available in four sizes designed to heat anything from 1,500 sq.ft. up to 10,000 sq.ft., depending on the insulation properties of the building.  The units are easy to operate and they simply distribute hot air for space heating throughout the factory, to which ducting can be incorporated to target specific areas.   They are exempt appliances under the Clean Air Act for use within smoke control areas.  Talbotts has installed thousands of these over the years, where customers have come back repeatedly for further units or to upgrade in line with increases in production.  As these units are kept in stock Talbotts can offer a quick turnaround for supply and installation.  An automatic version of the T range is available to heat larger spaces and utilise wood, MDF and chipboard dust, along with shredded wood off cuts.  This being a simple, cost effective solution to factory wood waste disposal and heating. 

Talbotts latest success is the deployment of their 'MWE' Modern Wood Energy range which as standard incorporate automatic de-ash, heat exchange cleaning, oxygen trim 'lambda control', all to ensure efficient, clean and complete combustion.  There are four sizes available in the range rated at 199, 300, 600 and 999kW with larger sizes expected to be available soon.  All of these units are boiler based and eligible for the Governments renewable heat incentive scheme where they have RHI emissions certification.  They are designed to use such wood based fuels as MDF, Chipboard, Hardwood and Softwoods. 

Talbotts now have a number of accredited installations where the support of the RHI has enabled such investments to ensure the most efficient and clean combustion of on site generated wood waste, along with massive reductions in fossil fuel usage.  This having a positive impact on the environment due to reducing companies carbon footprint. 

The renewable heat incentive scheme is financial support provided by the Government where the end user gets paid for every kW of eligible heat used in their premises.  This may be for factory space heating, heating for offices or a process.   Therefore companies involved in wood based manufacturing industries such as kitchen, furniture makers or timber processors can not only benefit from a reduction in wood waste disposal and energy costs but also from a cash back incentive paid by the Government.  A quick pay back from the initial capital investment is achieved and once accredited to the scheme, end users can earn year on year, up to 20 years in total.

Talbotts are one of the only manufacturers where they have RHI emissions certification for a wide range of wood based fuels such as MDF, Chipboard, MFC, OSB, Softwood, Hardwood, Particle Board, Plywood, Wood Chips and Wood Pellets.  Their boilers have been fully tested in order to achieve this certification ensuring they meet the most stringent emissions and quality criteria. 

Talbotts have built up a large customer base where they are accredited to the RHI and to name a few;  Biker Group, DFS, AW Champion, Allport Packaging, Hills Panel Products, Welcome Furniture, Vincent Timber, Sven Christiansen, Select Timber and Midland Building Products. 

Talbotts have dedicated RHI, service, spare parts and technical departments to ensure customers needs are responded to efficiently.   They have a broad product range available consisting of fully automated comprehensive biomass boiler solutions, automatic and simple manual fed air space heating solutions and Untha wood shredders, to which they are UK distributors. 

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