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UNTHA wood shredders are designed, produced and installed to meet even the highest quality requirements.

UNTHA shredders significantly set themselves apart from competitors’ products by their long service life and reliability. Each UNTHA shredder incorporates visible and invisible strengths. Visible is the sturdiness of the machine, the powerful cutting system and the unique dynamics of design. Invisible but yet always noticeable is the power and performance of the machine resulting from the ingenuity, skills and experience of our engineers and other staff.  Talbotts are the UK distributor for UNTHA wood shredders and have fully trained engineers for installation, shredding solutions, commissioning and after sales servicing.

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Untha LR630 Talbott's (Yellow UNTHA shredder)

LR630 Wood Shredder

The LR630 is a small very sturdy wood shredder.  The machine is designed for a long service life and energy efficiency and can be optimally adjusted to your needs. The LR630 is best suited for companies that wish to shred a residual timber volume of up to 7 tonnes per week. It has a max throughput of 300kg per hour.

  • Optimal cost/performance ratio
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Energy-efficient drive concept
  • Mature cutting system
Untha LR700 Talbott's

LR700 Wood Shredder

The LR700 combines the need for great flexibility with a very compact design. The wood shredder is suitable for companies that want to process up to 15 tonnes of residual timber per week. It has a max throughput of 700kg per hour. The LR700 single-shaft shredder can be customized depending on what your company needs.

  • Universally applicable
  • Compact design
  • Cutting system deployed a thousand times over
  • Homogeneous wood chip quality
Untha LR1000/1400 Talbott's

LR1000/1400 Wood Shredder

The LR1000/1400 is fully adaptable to your application situation and is suitable for businesses with a wood waste volume of 25 tonnes of wood waste offcuts per week. It has a max throughput of 1300KG per hour. Thanks to its size these shredding solutions are ideal for pallets and bulky wooden pieces.

  • High throughput capacity
  • Very reliable
  • LR technology package included
  • Homogeneous wood chip quality