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Reliably, precisely and persistently, a beaver reduces all kinds of wood to small pieces. Due to its sturdy build, it is capable of diligently getting its job done even under extreme conditions. Its versatility, industriousness, efficiency and break-resistant teeth turn it into the proverbial eager beaver.

UNTHA wood shredders work to this same principle of success. The focus always is on the quality of our wood shredders. UNTHA wood shredders are designed, produced and mounted to meet even the highest quality requirements and significantly set themselves apart from competitors' products by their long service life and reliability.

This quality pays off with a 3-years no-worries warranty* for all UNTHA wood shredders


Each UNTHA shredder incorporates visible and invisible strengths. Visible are the sturdy machine design, the powerful cutting system and the unique dynamics of design. Invisible and yet always noticeable are the power and performance of the machine resulting from the ingenuity, skills and experience of our engineers and other staff.

*) or 2,000 h, whichever value occurs first.

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