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  • Date: Nov 16, 2017
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Are you looking to make your business more energy efficient? The Carbon Trust can help you bring your business up-to-date with interest free loans from £3,000 to £200,000 for energy efficiency and upgrades to renewable energy technology.

Talbotts has many years experience in supporting businesses with accessing funding for their wood waste or biomass heating projects. Please get in touch for further guidance or a proposal for your project. Even if you do not meet the following criteria we can look at other funding/financing streams for your energy saving equipment. Email: with subject line ‘blog post CT’


What organisations are eligible for a 0% loan?

Interest free loans may be available to businesses meeting the following criteria:

Private sector SME* in Wales

Business has been trading for the minimum period (Limited company 12 months, Unincorporated 36 months)

Business has an acceptable credit history

Project replaces existing equipment, and makes on-site fossil fuel savings

Business operates in a permissible sector under de minimis state aid regulations, and has not exceeded current limits **

* The EU definition of an SME is an organisation with:
Fewer than 250 full time or equivalent employees
An annual turnover not exceeding €50m (approximately £42.5m) and / or assets not exceeding €43m (approximately £36.5m)
No controlling interest of more than 25% by a non-SME

**EU rules on state aid mean we are not normally able to offer business loans for the acquisition or adaptation of vehicles, to organisations involved in primary production of agricultural products (which includes horticulture, dairy, wine-making – click here for the full list), the fisheries and aquaculture sector, or for export-related activities.

Please contact for further information or visit the carbon trust web site Carbon trust interest free loans for Wales


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