COMPTE.R Biomass Solutions

Talbott’s work alongside family-owned biomass boiler and heating solutions provider COMPTE.R to deliver renewable energy and biomass fuel engineered systems to our clients.

With over 130 years of experience, the COMPTE.R range offers quality solutions for specialist biomass field feedstocks for WID/IED waste wood and agricultural residues. Their industrial boiler range covers 1500KW – 10,000KW output, making them an idea solution for large industrial manufacturers and industrial heat processors.

The COMPTE.R range can be specified for low temperature hot water (LTHW) medium temperature hot water (MTHW) or biomass steam applications.

Talbott’s are in a unique position to offer the very best solution for your project, whether it be from the Talbott range or the COMPTE.R range.

Sustainable and reliable, Talbott’s offers industrial WID/IED industrial biomass systems for waste management companies, specialising in wood waste

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