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The Talbott MWE range of biomass heating boilers offer a technically simple and cost effective means to heat buildings, whilst realising savings in carbon emissions.

A versatile and robust range of hand crafted biomass heat boilers to cater for a variety of requirements from country estates to commercial, public sector buildings and industrial applications. Ideal for the production of carbon neutral energy using either biomass wood chips or pellets.

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MWE Range

The Talbott MWE ‘Modern Wood Energy’ range of biomass boiler systems is designed specifically for the efficient and clean combustion of a wide range of biomass fuels including woodchip, MDF, chipboard, plywood, OSB, wood pellets and MFC. The MWE range is available in 6 output sizes and can be specified for either hot water or warm air heating if required.

The MWE range is an intelligent fully automated system which includes full stepped grate moving floor, automatic ignition, automatic cleaning, automatic de-ashing, internet connectivity, LAMBDA control and proportional flue gas recirculation as standard. All of these features are designed to improve efficiency, minimise emissions and maximise the lifespan of the plant to ensure decades of troublefree operation.

The MWE range has 6 available sizes between 199KW – 1500KW heat output and can burn from 4t-60t per week of wood waste fuel if required. The MWE range is manufactured in the UK to a high standard of workmanship.

Talbott's Biomass MWE Range
MWE Range Talbott's


The Talbott MWE Air has all the advantages of the MWE, available with warm air ducting to reduce installation costs.

MWE Air | Talbott's
MWE Air | Talbott's