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About Talbott’s

Talbott's mission is to provide renewable energy systems which lower carbon emissions and save money for our customers.

Talbott’s was first established in Staffordshire back in the 1970s, swiftly gaining a firm presence in the woodworking industry by providing a range of wood burning heater systems which were ideal for use in a workshop or factory environment.

The first available Talbott’s unit was a simple industrial hand fed wood burning system, an early version of the popular Talbott T Range heaters, designed to use waste wood offcuts as a fuel and provide space heating to workshops and factories. These units quickly became an essential piece of machinery in many woodworking factories.

The continual research and development that has taken place over the last 45 years has led to a full range of UK manufactured wood waste products including biomass boilers, warm air heating systems and modern, hand fed units allowing Talbott’s to offer the correct heating and wood waste disposal solution for any size premises. Our products have become the first choice for companies who aim to reduce landfill waste and heat their premises sustainably while reducing carbon reduction from fossil fuels, landfill and waste disposal vehicles.

In 2009, the Talbott’s brand became part of the Air Plants Dust Extraction group, under the ownership of Smith Bros (Leicester) Ltd. This added significant expertise in engineering and manufacturing and has enabled Talbott’s to develop our flagship MWE biomass boiler product alongside continued development of the ever popular Talbott T Range. Air Plants Dust Extraction, established for over 120 years, are proud specialists in the manufacture and installation of industrial dust extraction systems, and, as a group, we can now offer a truly turnkey offering to our customers.

Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems Ltd.

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