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Talbott’s offer a wide range of biomass and wood waste heating products, both commercial and industrial, to help provide essential low carbon solutions for your business.

British-made, top quality products designed to help reduce wood waste and unsustainable waste disposal in large-scale businesses, whilst providing free low-carbon heating. Our renewable energy solutions will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

An essential part of the Talbott’s family, Air Plants design, manufacture and install high quality dust extraction services and solutions for a number of different industries.
We provide industrial shredding solutions and bulk handling equipment for large scale projects and businesses in the woodworking, food and recycling sectors. Shredder systems are often combined with our biomass boiler range to provide turnkey wood waste solutions for the woodworking industry

In addition to the Talbott’s Biomass range, which are ideally suited for woody biomass fuels, we are proud to work with COMPTE.R offering their range of Industrial Biomass systems which can be specified for use with food waste, agricultural residues and landfill waste as a fuel. With systems ranging in size up to 10 MW we will recommend the correct solution for every project.

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