Low Carbon Heating Solutions

To meet legally binding carbon reduction targets, the UK must stop burning Natural Gas and other fossil fuels for heating as soon as possible.

It is estimated that 22% of UK greenhouse gas emissions comes from the supply of heating and hot water to buildings, which needs to be reduced by over 90% to meet the UK’s legal carbon target by 2050.

This means that UK businesses must find alternative, sustainable and low carbon heating solutions and improve energy efficiency now.

Talbott’s Biomass Energy Systems provide low carbon heating solutions as a sustainable alternative for many types of business. Companies in the woodworking, joinery and manufacturing sectors often create waste wood as a by-product and the carbon footprint of disposal to landfill is significant. Talbott’s will help you convert this valuable resource from waste to energy, providing a sustainable heating system which saves money and reduces carbon.

As well as wood-based biomass there are many other alternative biomass feedstocks such as miscanthus, malt, grain, straw and more. Alternative Biomass fuels have an important role to play in carbon reduction, and Talbott’s have the expertise to handle these and help your business transform waste into low-carbon, sustainable energy.

Reducing Waste to Landfill

Turn Waste to Energy

As UK industry moves towards a more sustainable business model, it is increasingly important to reduce waste from business operations and ensure an alternative use is found without diverting to landfill. At Talbott’s, we help convert waste to energy, saving CO2 emissions associated with transporting and disposing of waste, but also by displacing fossil fuel usage. Generating energy at your business site is an excellent step towards true sustainability, reducing reliance on imported gas or oil. Biomass wood waste technology is affordable, and Talbott’s can provide the expertise to deploy successfully in your premises.

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Recycled Waste Wood Residues

Manufacturing Waste Wood Residues

Forestry Crops & Residues

Agricultural Crops & Residues

Food Production Waste

Packaging Waste Residues

Our Low Carbon Heating Solutions

British-made, top quality products designed to help reduce wood waste and unsustainable waste disposal in large scale businesses whilst providing free low carbon heating. Our renewable energy solutions will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Talbott MWE

Talbott T-Range Hand Fed

Talbott T-Range Auto

In addition to the Talbott’s Biomass range, which are ideally suited for woody biomass fuels, we are proud to work with Compte-R offering their range of Industrial Biomass systems which can be specified for use with food waste, agricultural residues and landfill waste as a fuel. With systems ranging in size up to 10 MW we will recommend the correct solution for every project.

Industrial Biomass Boiler Systems

Renewable Energy

Wood Waste from the Woodworking Sector

Talbott’s can help your business turn waste by-products into biomass fuel, providing a sustainable source of renewable energy. There are many types of biomass fuel which can be used in our installations.

Woodworking waste can be an important resource as it is an excellent fuel that can power our boilers. Talbott’s are the experts in utilising your factory wood residues as a renewable fuel source. This can include MDF, MFC, Chipboard, OSB, plywood, softwoods and hardwoods. We can even utilise all of your sawdust, shavings and offcuts ensuring zero waste to landfill is achieved.

Talbott's were very helpful from the start, and gave us excellent service as we developed the design and layout of our new factory unit. We are really pleased with the result and with the quality of the equipment provided. It was good to have contractors on site who understood our needs for both the biomass and dust extraction, which are key items for the operation of our factory.

Chris Barker, Works Engineer, Lamtek

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