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Untha Shredding Solutions

UNTHA Shredding Solutions | Talbott's Biomass Energy Systems Ltd.

UNTHA wood shredders are designed, produced and installed to meet even the highest quality requirements

Highly regarded for their long service life and reliability, UNTHA shredders work alongside Talbott’s to provide sturdy machinery for waste wood shredding. With a powerful cutting system and a uniquely dynamic design, these high performance shredders provide a guaranteed long service life and fully trained engineers for full-service support.

Incorporating visible and invisible strength, UNTHA shredders are unmatched in their customer service, offering custom shredding solutions, spare parts, commissioning and after-sales services from their highly experienced staff.

As the UK distributor of UNTHA shredders, Talbott’s is proud to partner with them to deliver easy and effortless shredding solutions to our customers.

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