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Talbott’s are proud to offer the full range of quality engineered dust extraction systems manufactured by Air Plants Dust Extraction in the UK.

Our product range services a wide range of dust types and industry types including products designed specifically for the woodworking industry such as units plus baghouse, cartridge and cyclone filters which provide internal and external solutions for intermittent, full shift and continuous operation.

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We can offer honest advice and recommendations to evaluate what product would be best suited to your needs. Why not combine your extraction system with a Talbott wood burner to save money?

Talbott's Dust Units

Dust Units

  • Ideal for small workshops
  • Heavy duty integral fansets
  • Available with plastic bags or steel bins
  • Filter sleeves have anti-static dust release coatings to ensure excellent secondary ‘cake’ release
  • Internal or external options available
  • Fine dust and woodchip options available
  • The compact design helps to minimise the space required
Talbott's Modular Filters

Modular Filters

  • Low resistance to airflow, resulting in smaller fan motors and lower running costs
  • Unique filter sleeve cleaning system designed to ensure excellent primary ‘cake’ retention
  • Filter sleeves have antistatic dust release coatings to ensure excellent secondary ‘cake’ release
  • Each filter sleeve is protected from chip degradation by steel inlet spigots
Talbott's Filters (large white silo outside)

AFT Reverse Jet Filters


  • The modular design enables the filter to be configured to suit the space available
  • Ideal for multiple fan operation


  • 95% pre-separation of waste entering the filter, vital for high volumes and dust types difficult to deal with
  • Small footprint where space is at a premium
  • Few moving parts keeping routine maintenance to a minimum
Talbott's Rotary Valves (blue machinery)

ATEX fans & Rotary Valves

  • Design efficiency of up to 85%
  • Low noise characteristics typically around 80 dB(A) at 1mtr free field
  • Heavy duty flange and foot mounted motor for extra stability
  • Dynamically balanced to G 2.5
  • Heavy-duty impeller and fan case