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Talbott’s are proud to offer a full range of waste wood heating systems designed to help woodworking companies dispose of their wood waste and heat premises with low carbon, renewable heat.

Installation of a Talbott’s system means no heating or wood waste disposal bills ever again!

We offer several ranges of Talbott heaters, suitable for all types and sizes of factory, from simple hand-fed systems through to fully automated turnkey installations. All Talbott’s heaters are fully manufactured in the UK and have been for over 40 years. Talbott’s wood waste heating systems are designed for clean, efficient combustion of wood waste materials such as MDF, chipboard, plywood, timber, sawdust and other biomass materials.

Talbott’s heaters will:

  1. Save you money on waste disposal
  2. Save you money on heating costs
  3. Reduce your carbon emissions

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T500-red Talbott's

Talbott T Range Hand Fed 25kW to 150kW

The Talbott T range hand fed units are available in four different sizes: the Talbott T75, T150, T300 and T500.

They are the UK’s original range of hand fed wood burning heaters and are ideal to use wood off cuts as a fuel for factory space heating.

Talbott T3A

Talbott T Range Automatic 100kW to 300kW

The Talbott T range automatic units are available in three different sizes: the Talbott T3/A, T5/A and TM/A.  They are ideal for the safe, clean and efficient combustion of extracted or shredded wood waste for factory space heating.

Very well suited for medium sized woodworking factories with wood waste extraction systems.

C5 Talbott's

Talbott C Range Automatic 300kW to 1MW

The Talbott C range automatic units are available in three different sizes: the Talbott C4, C5 and C6.  They are a versatile and robust range of units ideal for the safe and clean combustion of extracted or shredded wood waste.

They are available as hot air or hot water and a ‘cost effective’ option to provide wood waste heating and disposal for larger wood working facilities.

Talbott's Biomass MWE Range

Talbott MWE Range 199kW to 1500kW

The Talbott ‘MWE’ Modern Wood Energy range as standard incorporate automatic de-ash, heat exchange cleaning, oxygen trim ‘lambda control’, all to ensure efficient, clean and complete combustion.

There are six sizes available in the range rated at 199kW, 300kW, 600kW, 850kW, 999kW and 1500kW with larger sizes expected to be available soon. They are designed to use such biomass fuels as Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, MDF, Chipboard, Hardwood and Softwoods.