B D Living install Talbott MWE300 biomass boiler

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B D Living, part of the prestigious Barratt Developments PLC, install Talbott MWE300 biomass boiler.

Since 1958, building over 400,000 houses, Barratt has become one of the best known and the largest house builder in the UK, achieving 5 star house builder status for the last 8 years in a row.

Barratt Development PLC includes Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes, Barratt London and Wilson Bowden Developments. Combined, these businesses build and sell thousands of new homes in towns and rural areas, helping meet Britain’s growing housing needs and providing homes for all incomes.

Approximately 65 people are employed at the 25,000 square foot BD Living Coalville factory. Previously BD living were disposing of 270 tonnes of wood waste each year and their factory was heated by a gas system.

BD Living wanted to reduce the cost both financially and environmentally for disposing of their wood waste, so decided to invest into a Talbott ‘MWE’ biomass boiler and Untha Wood Shredder. They also took the opportunity to upgrade their wood waste extraction system, supplied by Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd, Leicester.

They opted for a Talbott MWE300 solution and Untha LR700 shredder, with pipe work distribution supplied by Air Plants Heating. Talbott’s and Air Plants worked closely to manage the full turnkey project in order to ensure minimum disruption to production and smooth operation.



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