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Talbott’s Silos are fully compliant with ATEX requirements

Talbott's Silo
What is ATEX? It is a directive that has a set of regulations that are designed to ensure the safety of products being used in explosive atmospheres. At Talbott’s we take Health and Safety seriously, as handling, manufacturing, or transporting combustible dust can lead to fires, flash-fires, and explosions which causes personal injuries, and fatalities[...]
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RHI Regulations Update – Replacement biomass plant now allowed

Tablott's RHI regulations (Red boiler)
BEIS and Ofgem have updated the RHI regulations to allow for the replacement of existing RHI accredited plant with new systems. This enables existing RHI participants to upgrade their systems to a high-efficiency Talbott MWE biomass boiler, safeguarding their RHI payments for the remaining term of the scheme and in many cases improving efficiency and[...]
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The Government’s RHI Scheme is looking to support replacement plant

Talbott's city (looking up at glass skyscraper)
The Government’s RHI Scheme is looking to support replacement plant. The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government support scheme to help promote the deployment of renewable energy technologies. As wood waste heat and biomass boilers have a number of green credentials, contributing towards reducing carbon emissions, such investments are eligible to receive a tariff for[...]
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