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John Smith Talbott's (photograph of man)
  • Date: Nov 12, 2018
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Dear All,

It is with extreme sadness that I must inform you that my father John Smith (3rd generation), passed away peacefully on Friday morning (9th November) at his home in Leicester. At the age of 86 he leaves behind his wife, Edna Smith, who he was married to for 61 years and his four children.

In September last year John stood down from his role as Chairman of our parent company, Smith Brothers (Leicester) Ltd, and focussed his time and attention on Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd in Aylestone Road where he continued to lead the Service section and was able to offer his views on the rest of the business in his characteristically forthright manner. He was honest, sharp-witted, enjoyed a joke and had an incisive intellect which was able to quickly cut to the heart of a matter. He will be greatly missed and his passing marks a sad day for the entire group.

Myself, along with my brothers and sister, remain extremely proud of his achievements in all areas of his life. For those close to him, funeral arrangements will be personally communicated in due course. But for now, all I have left to say is a great man will be sorely missed on both a personal and professional level.

Yours faithfully

Christopher Smith
Group Chairman



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